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The 2017 Employee of the Year is Leslie Kennedy, LVN.




“There is the place of warm smiles that comfort, words that catch the falling tears, hands that gently soothe your heart, enough to leave their print, and hearts that love.

A place that will be there for you and your family in the darkest hour of our lives. A place that you can call family. A place that will pray with you and for you, when needed. A place that truly shows Christ Jesus is real. A place that out ranks any of its kind for miles and miles. A place that I would recommend over and over again.

Hospice of Texarkana went every step with us and beyond. Mom had only been a patient for about a month and they made her feel like royalty. Our family and friends still talk about what they did for us. I thank God for putting this wonderful place in our path.

A year and a half has gone by, but we still remember. Thank you and we pray blessings over this place. Hospice of Texarkana is a light for the darkest of hour.”

–Adriana V Rivera


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